1953 – The Dawn of a New Era

The G Plan Vintage range is named after some of the most historic years in Britain. We’re exploring the heritage behind our sofas and taking a look back through the ages.

Our roots date back to 1898 when our founder, Ebenezer Gomme, an enterprising furniture maker, established his first factory. Ebenezer’s grandson, Donald Gomme, followed in his grandfather’s footsteps and from 1953 continued making quality furniture. G Plan was born.1953 Blog Image Children Sweets

1953 was an important year for Britain. It was the dawn of a new era as the country awoke from the ruins of the Second World War. The Coronation of a young Queen Elizabeth II marked peace and a fresh start for the country. The war may have ended in 1945, six years before, but the effects of the conflict were still a daily reality with the rationing of basic foodstuffs such as sugar and eggs.

1953 Blog Image Queen Elizabeth

Arguably one of the country’s best Prime Minister’s for his greatness as a wartime leader and motivational speeches – Winston Churchill received a knighthood from the new Queen and was therefore known after as – Sir Winston Churchill. Meanwhile, children all over Britain were emptying out their piggy banks and heading to the local shop, as the first un-rationed sweets went on sale.

Blog Image 1953 Churchill

While the rest of Britain was coming out of post-war slumber, Ian Fleming wrote his first James Bond novel – Casino Royale. We’re huge fans of Ian Fleming as our 6250 ‘The World’s Most Comfortable Chair’ was featured as Blofeld’s chair in the 1967 Bond movie, You Only Live Twice.Blog Image Bond

1953 proved to be a monumental year for Britain. We celebrate and commemorate it with The Fifty Three range. Available as fabric and leather sofas, it stylistically nods to the past, while being built to the exacting standards of quality and comfort set by Ebenezer and Donald all those years ago.

Image Credits: sspiprints.com, express.co.uk, blog.calendarclub.co.uk, DmitryKulikov.

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