1960 – A step in the right direction

Continuing our series we take a look at the year that inspired our Vintage chair, The Sixty. 1960 heralded the birth of a design that is still prominent today, a design that has become so iconic, it became the staple footwear for entire subcultures, Dr Martens.

The Sixty hero in Tonic Mustard

The shoes were a collaboration between the Griggs family of Northampton, who had been making boots since 1901, and two Munich based free-thinkers, Dr Maertens and Dr Funck. They had developed a revolutionary new air-cushioned sole and were looking for cobblers to work with.

1960 Blog Cobbler

After creating the style and anglicising the name, the boots rolled off the production line and were an instant hit. At first they were primarily sold as solid, reliable working men’s footwear, but the emergence of the ska movement, where the British working classes look became desirable, made it a style others wanted to emulate. The boots’ popularity was then cemented when Pete Townshend wore a pair of black 1460s, while performing with his band, The Who.

1960 Blog The Who

We love the versatility of these boots. When worn with a scarred leather jacket and jeans they epitomise toughness, but when worn with a flowery tea dress and fringed bag, they become bohemian. They symbolise self-expression, freedom, individuality and a rebellious nature that have as much cultural relevance today, as they did originally.

1960 Blog Boys

It’s for this reason that we appreciate their timeless design and believe they will be a British classic for years to come!

1960 Blog Flowers

Image Credits: fad.cat, narzipan.blogspot.com, thesecret.secretsales.com, poor-boy.co.uk, en.wikipedia.org, bellenglish.com

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