1962 – Warhol and his Soup

As we journey through our Vintage models and the years they are named after, we take a look at 1962. Our Sixty Two model is arguably one of our most iconic pieces and was originally modelled on the 6250, which became an instant favourite following its appearance as Blofeld’s chair in the hit Bond film, ‘You Only Live Twice’. As we continue this series, we take a deeper look into other iconic designs from each of these years.


1962 heralded the creation of one of the most recognisable art pieces of all time – American artist Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup Cans. Originally a commercial illustrator, Warhol branched out during his career, trying his hand at writing, publishing, painting and directing films. His soup can installation was exhibited at the Ferus Gallery, Los Angeles, and is considered as the West Coast’s debut of pop art.


It features 32 canvases, and upon each is an image of the canned soup varieties that were sold at the time. Instead of the cans being painted, they were applied to the canvases using a screen printing process, which was semi-mechanised and used synthetic polymer paint.

There isn’t a clear answer behind Warhol’s motive for using the soup cans. However, there are many speculations, from it being a social commentary to the fact he just liked soup. Whatever the reason may be, Campbell’s Soup Cans sparked many variations in the years to follow, and is undoubtedly one of the most recognisable images to date.


Warhol was a great mid-century artist that influenced the art, fashion and furniture design of the time, which is why he is such an inspiration to us.

Image Credits: cavetocanvas.tumblr.com, blackberryvision.tumblr.com, nickdrake.tumblr.com, arnet.com, wikipaintings.org, flickr.com

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