5 Spooktacular pumpkin carving ideas

With Halloween right around the corner it is now time to start the yearly tradition of carving a pumpkin! No matter what your style, there are many different ways you can get creative. Here are 5 of the best ideas we have found for you to get inspired.

If you have more of a traditional style then you may find that you need no inspiration for how you to carve your pumpkin. A classic spooky face is the go to design for most people when they decide to start carving. It’s relatively simple and doesn’t usually require lots of small intricacies, which makes it the perfect way to start.

Image sourced from Pinterest

Another idea is carving your favourite animal. From a portrait of your pets to mystical creatures, carving animals will create a challenge for anyone who tries. Creating a realistic animal silhouette can be difficult as the dimensions need to be correct for it to look accurate.

Image sourced from Pinterest

Bringing your favourite cartoon/animated character to life is an alternative way to carve your pumpkin. From Spider man to Mickey Mouse this is the perfect way to bring your creative side out and show the neighbours kids your favourite characters.

Image sourced from Pinterest

A pumpkin is also the perfect way to light up the doorstep to your home. Simply carving holes out in a pattern around the pumpkin allows you to create an aesthetically pleasing lantern to light up your front door. This type of carved pumpkin is also brilliant for a party, they can be used to light up a path or area that people may need a bit of light to see where to step.


Image sourced from Pinterest

A brilliant idea for those of you who don’t enjoy the process of emptying, designing and carving a pumpkin is to simply paint one. Painting a pumpkin with a design of your choice can give a unique look to your Halloween decorations. From simple dots or stripes to more elaborate pattern there is really no limit to what you can achieve with this idea.

Image sourced from Pinterest

If you need any more inspiration for how to carve your pumpkin this year then take a look at our Pinterest board.

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