Compact Living: How to optimise the space within your home.

Whether you are looking at optimising the space in your home or styling a studio apartment there are many ways in which you can style a small room with maximum impact without compromising on style. Everybody loves getting their friends and family together so optimising space is key to allow you to entertain guests in a smaller space!

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New storage solutions and multifunctional furniture provide the best opportunities when styling a small room. Enabling you to have greater amounts of floor space so you can still feel comfortable within your home, without compromising on style. Smart solutions such as the ones seen above are fun innovative ways that will allow you to maximise storage. Furniture solutions can help to give a unique feel to a room by creating a feature; however, they can also be used as a smart way of utilising unused space without compromising on the styling of a home. Multifunctional furniture is definitely something to consider when styling a small space.

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Bespoke furniture is another way of getting the most out of your home. This gives the opportunity to show your style through using storage as a feature piece within your home. A great example of this is shelving. You can paint it to draw the eye to the end of the room giving the illusion of space, whilst at the same time use it as a way of adding character and colour in your home. It can also be used as a way of accessorising your home whilst not taking up valuable space. As every home is unique bespoke furniture can be a great solution to a lack of space and can be tailored to suit you and your home.

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Smaller furnishings will also allow you to gain more space within a room or apartment and help give the impact of a bigger room. Smaller furnishings will still provide you with the same level of comfort and usability if selected correctly. Within a living room space, a small sofa is a great example of a way to downsize furniture whilst not compromising on functionality and comfort. Our Vintage Sixty Five sofa is a great example of this, as it embodies compact living with its’s petite frame and details whilst not compromising on comfort.

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Giving the illusion of space within a smaller home or room is vital to creating impact. Windows are a great feature within a home so why not utilise them? Mirrors can be used to create the illusion of additional windows within a space when positioned correctly. This can also help to bring the outside into your home giving you another feature without compromising on space. Using long hanging lights can also make a room appear taller and therefore larger as a result which will help you to create the feel of a bigger room whilst adding additional light to your room. Giving the illusion of space is key when styling a smaller room as it will allow you to keep the character and features that you love.

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The key to optimising space within your home is through maximising the space within your home, through unique storage solutions and selecting accessories and furniture that will take up the minimum amount of space without compromising on comfort and storage space. For more ideas for storage solutions and ways to utilise the space in a small room or home visit our Pinterest board for more inspiration.

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