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Using accent colours within the home is a useful way of injecting personality, and creates a sense of synergy. In 2015 we will see less one-toned accents, instead we’ll experience an explosion of colour, creating lively and jovial living spaces.

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Mixing and matching touches of colour throughout the room brightens and presents a more interesting look and feel. Using a colour wheel will help you choose colours that will either complement, or contrast each other. Using complementing colours will create a harmonious and tranquil feel, whereas contrasting colours instantly enliven a room.

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Sticking to the primary colours – blue, red and yellow, will bring a Mondrian look to your living space. Try working these colours into a Minimalist scheme, as it means the grid systems the artist was known for can be incorporated. Try using these shades in wall art, lampshades or a statement two seater sofa, in an upholstery fabric such as Festival Ink. If you’re feeling brave you could try working these into more unusual places – give existing furniture a new lease of life by replacing handles with some in primary colours, paint the door frames or even look to creating a Mondrian-style feature wall.

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Branching out with clashing colours can make an impact. Turquoise with vibrant yellows and oranges will certainly inject some life into your space. To stop it from becoming too overpowering, try focussing the accent colours in blocks of space, rather than dotting them about the room. An arrangement of vases or candle holders over the mantel piece creates a focal point and will look beautiful. Grouping in three works particularly well and don’t be afraid to mix the size, shapes and textures.

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Express yourself with accent colours that match your personality, and the atmosphere that you want to create within your home. If you’re looking for more homely hints then please visit our Mixing Colours Pinterest board.

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