Corey Hemingway – Bringing Art into the Home

We welcome Artist Corey Hemingway as our guest blogger this week. Corey shares inspiration on how to bring art into your home and tells us the stories behind the most treasured pieces in hers.

Corey Hemingway Artist

This painting was a gift to my parents in the 90’s. It had always been a presence in their office but in the past 5 years was stored in the shed and forgotten about. During one of my raids of their Red or Dead archives I stumbled across it, instantly remembering and falling in love with the piece. I was subsequently promised I could have it for when I was to move into my own place with a wall big enough for it.

Jeremy Gardiner Living Room Art Home

The painting was the central influence on my choice of colour palette for the living space and how I decided to arrange it. Even my G Plan Vintage sofa in Brush Rose was chosen to compliment it. As you see in the picture, I strategically chose to hang it where a lot of natural light comes in. The eye is immediately drawn to it as you enter the space.

Jeremy Gardiner Art Home Blog

This is one of two of the internal walls of my bedroom. The idea is for the wall to eventually be covered in art. The black framed piece is one of my own from last year. Being an artist, I feel it’s important to be surrounded by my work. The orange subtly interacts with the mid-century furniture that is situated throughout the room. The white framed piece was sent to me in the post last year by a dear friend who lives in Australia, Amelia Luscombe; the fact alone that it travelled 9,000 miles across the world grants it a spot on my wall. I’m also slightly obsessed with perfect circles, which brings me on to my next piece.

Corey Hemingway Amelia Luscombe Art

I took my BA in Fine Art at Curtin University, WA Australia. The black framed drawing of two overlapping spheres is another one of mine, 22 hours 19 minutes, completed in 2011 as part of my final year assessment at art school. It has a lot of sentimental value for me because this body of work was borne out of my experience of living so distantly from family and friends. I’ve hung this piece in every room I’ve lived in since moving back from Australia. The Macrame wall hanging in the foreground is a piece that I bought from Etsy online. I’ve made a conscious effort not to fill every wall in my flat with framed art, so I chose this to add variety of texture to the space.

Macrame Wall Hanging Corey Hemingway

This piece is another drawing from my final year assessment, entitled grasping, 2011. It is situated in the second bedroom, which is characterised by discrete orange furnishings such as a 1970’s floor lamp, a hanging pendant light shade, and the vase you see in the photo. The earthy tones of brown fineliner in the piece gently reinforce the colour palette of the room. It’s east-facing, so on clear days as the sun goes down the orange hues of the piece and room glow beautifully in the waning light.

Corey Hemingway Art Home

My sister, Tilly Hemingway, has been making hand-thrown ceramics in North London for a year and half. This piece, Stroke, 2016 is one of her most recent. I love the movement of the thick brush strokes. I’ve been collecting ceramics- mainly West German Pots- as vessels for my plant addiction for some time, but have only recently started picking up ceramics to sit in the flat as beautiful objects in their own right.

Tilly Hemingway Ceramics Art Home

Jack Penny is a friend and full time artist based in London. This piece is one half of a diptych, which I purchased a couple of years ago just as he was starting to grow his now weighty portfolio. The pastels work well with the colouring of the kitchen door and the adjacent G Plan Vintage sofa.

Jack Penny G Plan Sofa Art

The second half the diptych hanging on the opposite side of the room provides further consistency of palette throughout my living space. I think it’s great to support those around you creating interesting things and I aim to continue building a collection of friends’ works.Jack Penny Art Home Blog

See more from Corey Hemingway on her website:

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