David Hockney – The Californian King

British painter, draughtsman, print maker, stage designer and photographer, David Hockney was an important contributor to the pop art movement of the 1960s. Although he is often considered as one of the 20th Century’s most influential British artists, he made California his home and was heavily influenced by its landscape and atmosphere.

David Hockney Californian King

Drawing particular elements from the Palm Springs area, some of Hockney’s work can be classified by its use of vibrant colours, swimming pool settings and Californian weather. It’s this distinct style – that earned him the reputation of being a prominent contributor to the pop art movement. Recreating this look within your home can be quite simple, and bring expression and joviality to your living space.

David Hockney Californian King    David Hockney Californian King

A pop art inspired home should be colourful, punchy and bold. Glossy surfaces will reflect wall art and statement fabrics, so try to include as many of these as you can. Mirrored coffee tables are a popular way of doing this and can also make the room appear larger, so make sure you dress your coffee table with interesting items and coffee table books for a fascinating talking point.

David Hockney Californian King

A feature of pop art is the appearance of popular cultural characters. This could be consumer goods or people with cultural relevance, these images are then printed in sharp, contrasting colours for a gutsy finish. Pair bright yellow with fuchsia, or olive green with light blue – although it might be thought that these contrasts would create an imbalance, if sat in the right pop art inspired home, they can provide a satisfying chaos.

David Hockney Californian King     David Hockney Californian King

For more inspiration of how to use David Hockney’s influence within your home, check out our Californian Colours Pinterest board.

David Hockney Californian King

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