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Scandinavian design is known for its simplicity and understated beauty. With clean lines, fuss free appearance and functionality at the core, it’s easy to see why this is such a popular interior scheme in contemporary homes. The flawless décor scheme can be adaptable to each home, and makes use of ice cream pastels, copper detailing and stripped back wood to create a vibrantly cool atmosphere within any home.

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Mix and match chalky pastel hues to lift the mood in your room. Mint greens, dusky pinks, soft yellows and hazy blues should all complement each other and can be used throughout your living space. Cheer up a leather sofa with a number of different size and shape scatters in these colours, or pop a thin woollen throw over the back of an armchair. These add an instant wash of colour and can be easily changed up if you want to refresh your room.

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To add a tactile element to your room, mix up textures with copper accents. This is a rich warm metal and can be featured in touches such as pendant lamps, frames of coffee tables, or a statement candelabra filled with tea lights. This tone particularly complements the dusky pink tones but creates a wonderful contrast with dreamy light blues that will make it stand out.

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A major component of Scandinavian interior design is a minimalist lack of clutter. If you’re thinking of featuring this scheme, make sure you clear away anything unnecessary on sides, window sills or coffee tables and scale back on ornaments around the room that can make it look too busy. If you do want to have accessories in your room, make sure they are block colour, work harmoniously with your colour scheme and are simple shapes to make sure they don’t look too fussy.

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As highlighted with the copper accents, texture is important when considering this interior scheme, and light untreated woods such as birch or fir are perfect choices for flooring, side tables and picture frames. This will bring a sense of the outdoors in and works well with muted coloured plants like eucalyptus and rosemary.

For more Scandinavian interior inspiration, simply visit our Eye Scandi Pinterest board.

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