Festive Q+A With Design Director, Mike Wyatt

Everyone has different traditions around Christmas, from specific decorations for each member of your family on the tree to eating certain foods on the days leading up to Christmas. We decided that this would be the perfect time to sit down with our new Design Director Mike Wyatt to gain an insight into his Christmas traditions and what makes the Wyatt family home special at Christmas.

Q. When do you usually put up your Christmas decorations?

A. We traditionally combine my partners birthday celebrations and decorating the family home on the 2nd of December. We make sure that all the festive trimmings are perfectly placed.

The Wyatt family Christmas tree.

Q. Do you prefer a real or artificial Christmas tree?

A. Ideally, we would have a real tree… but, the Wyatt festive break is a split between time at home, constant visits and travelling. So sadly, an artificial tree is more practical and cost-effective, but still just as stunning!

Q. Do you follow any trends in terms of a colour scheme for your Christmas decorations?

A. No. Our festive colour scheme does not annually change with the high street colour trends. Traditionally we keep with the original ‘Green, Red & White’. Green from the forest and the red & white from the original ‘Coca-Cola Santa’.

Close up of decorations on the Christmas tree.

Q. Do you and your family have any decorating traditions that you like to follow every year?

A. Throughout the year we collect memorable, antique, gorgeous collectable ‘baubles’; and small objects of desire. These can be memories of weekend breaks, quirky finds or just beautiful things. They must be small enough to hang from the family tree, illuminated with light for all to see and enjoy. This means that our tree is a stunning selection of important memories for our family.

Q. What does Christmas day look like in the Wyatt family home?

A. Every year we strive to make our Christmas a perfect blend of ‘Fun, Fantastic Food and Festive Frolics with Family & Friends’.

Festive tree decorations.

Q. What is a must-have Christmas treat?

A. Relaxation and quality ‘Chill out Time’, are the main things we aim for over the festive period. Also making sure we don’t have too much of one thing and a balance of another.

Q. What does Christmas mean to you?

A. I relate Christmas to colour, bright lights and bags of fun, which we use to create the perfect Christmas for us.

Set of Santa painted nested dolls.

Q. If you could choose one person to join you and your family for Christmas who would it be and why?

A. I would love to have Jurgen Klopp over for Christmas dinner. He would naturally be ‘Box Office’ company full of smiles and team hugs, we could discuss his ‘4-4-2‘ and enjoy a vintage glass of Red.

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