Former Glory: Tackling Restoration Projects

Restoring furniture is a great way to add an original focal point to your interior space. You may have recently watched the BBC’s ‘Great Interior Design Challenge’ in which each contestant was challenged to select a few tired looking bits and bobs from the back of a van and transform them into something beautiful and functional for use in the home. Suitcases became chairs and piles of bricks became doorstops, and here at G Plan HQ we were totally inspired by all this creativity, breathing new life into unwanted objects. Unsure where to start? We bring you our four best tips to help you get your head around tackling a restoration project.

Become the magpie

Your garage, a car boot fair, an antique store – the world is your oyster! Keep your eyes open for roadside furniture and house clearances to collect truly original pieces. It is important to mention here, that you should assess the quality of your object at this early stage. Is the wood in good condition or is it rotten? Can that broken fixture be replaced? Watching out for these sort of issues early on is really important to ensure you achieve your desired outcome and keep within budget.

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Use your imagination

As all the contestants of ‘The Great Interior Design Challenge’ did, you need to visualise the potential of your object.  Can you revive your piece with a lick of paint? Or do you want to change the function or use of the object completely? Gain inspiration from your surroundings; really think about how you use your space at home and think about where the object would be most useful or look it’s best.

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Do your research

From a wash of linseed oil to a good scrub with an old rag, you must make sure that you clean your object properly to ensure it can be revived to its former glory or reach its full potential. Taking the time to research the best products to use for your project will mean you get a better finish and make the piece more durable and hardwearing.

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Tools at the ready!

A bad workman blames his tools. But a poorly chosen tool can blame his workman! Try and source everything you need before you set to work and avoid any temptation to take shortcuts or cobble things together. To achieve a quality finish, make sure you are using the right tools and techniques for the job.

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So, the next time you’re considering ditching an item that doesn’t suit your décor, or come across a sad piece of furniture at a junk shop, let creativity reign and inject fresh new life through restoration. Good luck!

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