Four colour trends ruling 2014

Welcome to 2014; a fresh new year where your home will host memorable parties, entertain visitors, and be the centre of your day-to-day life. The world around us is drenched with colour, and a new year is the ideal time to rejuvenate your home’s interior and we have the four colour trends of 2014 to help.

Colour trends aren’t just about what was popular 10 years ago, they’re informed by what’s on the runway, in showrooms and at trade shows, as well as what’s happening culturally and how it impacts our national mood. All of this information is translated into the colours that we’ll be adorning our homes in. To visualise the trends, visit our Pinterest board for inspiration.


Whisper-soft, powdery pinks and delicate, fleshy nude tones are back. Described as ‘blush tones’ by designers, the soft, candyfloss colours are punctuated with darker, masculine tones, such as rich, dark plums that introduce an air of mysterious romance. Hints of mint green, a very different tone to the strong emeralds we saw in 2013, provide a balance and add a dreamlike quality.

This masculine meets feminine theme is portrayed through materials that are luxurious to the touch, think smooth sheens of silk, pearl and iridescent surfaces, countered with the masculine nature of appliqué and perforated, punctured leathers.

Blush - FlowersBlush - Room


This theme draws a parallel between landscapes and structures of the natural world, with a futuristic, earthy realm. Cold, icy blues are offset by warmer, neutral tones, capturing an otherworldly, slightly alien and atmospheric feel.

Materials take inspiration from crystalised structures and replicated, transparent layers, giving a natural feel with a manmade twist. You’ll also see iridescent, illusionary aesthetics and nature’s geometry, and when 3D printing becomes commonplace, expect to see it used in line with this trend.

Ethereal - BowlsEthereal - Room


Inspired by the ever-growing sense that our lives are documented, regulated and are under surveillance, this colour theme is structured but energetic.

Systematic, linear grids with flat greys form a regulated base, with bleeds of colour oozing through, think electric blue, orange, green and glossy black. Fabrics are playful with pattern and make use of contrasting materials, including high gloss and metallic. You’ll also see manmade qualities in the fabrics, such as etching into plastic.

Grid - ColoursGrid - JumperGrid - Make Up


The medieval era is reborn. Bold, regal jewel colours with bright twists and hints of metallic are big in 2014. Taking inspiration from banquets, jesters other occasions from the time period, this theme celebrates togetherness and belonging to a collective. Rich, vivid colours celebrate identity and confidence, making a statement wherever they’re used.

Materials embrace traditional techniques of weaving, tapestry and engraving, alluding to heritage and tradition. We’re thrilled that vintage and timeworn effects are prominent, with plenty of burnished heat-treated surfaces, grainy, rough textures and antique gold adding character and personality.

Empire - Room Empire - Cake Empire - Bowls

For inspiration on how to incorporate these trends into your own home, visit our Pinterest Board.

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