How G Plan Vintage are defining mid-century modern style

It’s really exciting to see how the styles for the new G Plan Vintage collection have taken so much inspiration from our original G Plan archive pieces. This shows how mid-century British furniture is just as relevant today, as it was 60 years ago. The ever increasing trend for Mid Century Modern design has put G Plan in the spotlight for interiors, so we took the time to ask Tilly Hemmingway, who collaborated with us on our latest vintage range, how she works with classic designs for the modern times we live in.


Tilly Hemingway

What do you like about mid-century modern style?

For me it is the clean lines, elegant shapes and crisp colour palettes that makes mid-century design timeless. What I love most about mid-century design is that it sits happily in any interior, whether you live in a Victorian terrace, industrial conversion or new build property, mid-century furniture never seems to look out of place.

What has changed about our modern lifestyle and our homes since the 50’s and 60’s, and how has this had an impact on furniture design?

Homes are more flexible today. We are used to open-plan living and our furniture is for everyday use, whereas in the 50s and 60s people quite often had a ‘parlour’ for which they’d buy a sofa for special occasions. Homes have also reduced in size since the 1950s. We are now having to be more savvy with space and furniture design reflects this. I think my generation is also a lot more accepting of design and colour, design therefore tends to be a bit bolder.

For the G Plan Vintage models you’ve worked on, can you detail some of the contemporary elements you’ve designed that define the new collection?

I think we’ve come up with a strong colour palette that feels really fresh. Elements such as the contrast piping and buttons also give the models a contemporary feel. Comfort is also an important factor. Although 1950s and 60s sofas look beautiful, many of them would not pass today’s Sit Test. I think we’ve been successful in marrying style and comfort.

How do you think the collection will continue to evolve?

As house prices increase, the majority of the population simply cannot afford to live in large properties. This is going to have a knock on effect on the size of sofa consumers are likely to buy.

Thanks Tilly!

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