How to style your living room.

Everyone is unique in the way that they choose to style their living room. However, there are some general rules and tips that should be followed when styling your living room to help you get the most out of your home styling.

Symmetry is always seen as a desirable feature when styling a room but this isn’t always the case. This can make your home look ordered and constructed. Instead play around with the accessories in your home. Different shaped accessories in an array of colours can really help you create a homely feel.

G Plan The Vintage Sixty Five Etch Granite 

Make sure that you consider the size of your room. Larger rooms may require oversized furniture instead of the adding more furniture as this will make it look more cluttered. Delicate features and details can help to give a more elegant feel once oversized furniture is introduced into your home.  For smaller rooms, compact furniture will compliment your home better as it will create the illusion of space and not overpower your room causing it to look smaller.

G Plan Vintage The Fifty Nine Corner 

Rugs are great for bringing a room together but the position and size of your rug can really make a difference in the overall aesthetic of your living room. If it is too small it may give an incohesive feel,  buying the biggest rug you can for your space will bring everything together.  Positioned halfway under your sofa or fully under a coffee table or will bring your styling together.

G Plan Vintage The Sixty Three 

Artwork is a nice feature and will help to add colour and character to a living room. Hung photos and artwork shouldn’t be placed in the centre of a wall. Use it to create a statement and position multiple pieces in an unsymmetrical way. Placed above side tables will add depth and draw the eye to that area of your living space.

vintage-sixty-five-leatherG Plan Vintage The Sixty Five Leather

Styling is different for everyone but following these tips can help you to make the most out of your living space and create a stylish space for you to relax in.

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