Iconic British Design – Mod Subculture

Stemming from a small group of stylish young men, based in London around the 1950s, the Mod design movement was borne from the world of modern jazz. Mod culture has been made famous by the iconic images of men in sharp tailored suits riding around on Vespa scooters, the Union Jack and the RAF roundel.

Mod Blog VespaMod Blog Mods

The Mod subculture wasn’t just a conscious choice of fashion, it was a lifestyle.  Those who were part of it often read Italian magazines and watched French and Italian films in order to learn about the style of clothing they should wear in order to appear cool, neat and sharp.

Mod 9 (port-magazine.com)Mod Blog Roundel

For them style was about looking as slick as possible. Jacket lapels were narrow, for females make up was minimal and scooters were chosen because their panels concealed any moving parts. This simple look is easy to recreate within your home – stick to a red, white and navy colour palette and feature paired back, minimalist style mid-century modern furniture.

Mod Blog ManMod Blog Wall

Don’t be afraid to play with shapes within your living space for this look and feel. Contrast the sharp lines of a light wood sideboard or shelving unit, with a round leather pouffe or coffee table, to create a more visually interesting set up. For a nod to the old scooters, accessorise the room with chrome. This could be with picture frames, legs on coffee tables or knick-knacks placed around the room.

Mod Blog RoomMod Blog Sun

The Mod subculture provided us with a simplistic style statement, enhanced with a continental flavour. Follow our Pinterest board for more Mod inspiration.

Image Credits: createawards.com.au, port-magazine.com, emoi.nl, mod-mod-world.tumblr.com, port-magazine.com, djsnaps.tumblr.com, etsy.com, createawards.com, midcenturymodernfreak.tumblr.com, skindiemayo.tumblr.com

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