Introducing the new Vintage fabrics

Our three new Vintage fabric collections launch this spring. Inspired by natural patterns, fashion and soft femininity, they’re all very different. Each has its own tactile quality that adds individuality to your home, and is available in colours that complement each texture.

Introducing the new Vintage fabrics


Blend is inspired by the natural world and welcoming the outdoors in. Using nature’s patterns and earthy charm, we focus on textures such as cottons and linens with a rustic touch. This fabric collection works well with light woods, dark leafy vegetation and a close-to-nature interior scheme. These fabrics have a close weave that gives them a structured appearance, but are softened by a delicate colour palette such as Butterscotch and Powder.

Introducing the new Vintage fabrics  Butterscotch and powder blend text


Extremely supple and infused with a feminine touch, the Brush collection is a sumptuous and romantic addition to any home. With relaxation top of mind, they are ideal for the ultimate comfort experience and beg to be touched. Inspired by natural suede and creamy hues, the collection will bring a calm and serene atmosphere to your room with colours such as Chalk and Mist.

Introducing the new Vintage fabrics  Introducing the new Vintage fabrics


Our last fabric collection, Bobble, is playful, fun and brings a joyful touch to your home. Super tactile and bold, this collection adds a punch of colour and will certainly liven up your living space. Its roots lie in the world of fashion, featuring textures seen on chunky knit jumpers, thick woollen socks and embroidery, which have then been fused with typical mid-century hues such as Mustard and Aqua. These fabrics will work so well when paired with the clean solid lines of teak furniture and futuristic chrome.

Introducing the new Vintage fabrics  Introducing the new Vintage fabrics

If you’re interested in seeing the inspiration behind each of our new fabric collections, then head over to our Pinterest account to find out more.

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