Keeping up with Clerkenwell

Once the heart of London’s industrial empire, its factories have now become exclusive bars and restaurants. The slum housing has been converted into executive apartments for professional twenty-somethings, and the warehouses are home to some of the top design agencies and magazines in the world. Clerkenwell is the designer’s playground.

That’s why we at G Plan Vintage HQ squabbled over who got to attend Clerkenwell Design Week 2014. We were lucky enough to meet some of the world’s best interior designers who shared their advice for recreating mid-century modern décor with wallet-friendly techniques.

1.    Ceramics

There’s more to ceramics than bathroom tiling. Used creatively, they can really add texture to your home. Why not put ceramic vases and ornaments in accent colours on top of your fireplace? Or enhance your living room by simply introducing a tiled coffee table. Tiles don’t just have to be flat – for more adventurous designers, why not feature a piece of 3D ceramic, abstract wall art? It’s appealing on the eye and creates a fantastic focal point for your room.

Ceramic vases Ceramic wall art

2.    Ombre

We absolutely love this trend. We’ve watched it patiently make its way from fashion through to beauty and now its taken interior design by storm. This hot new trend is pretty – a darker colour that gradually fades lighter, gives practically any object that fresh, modern look, and it can work with any colour. Falling in love with a colour is easy. Picking your favourite shade on the other hand, can be a challenge – that is why ombre is must-have for your home. One colour stole the show for us at CDW: Cobalt blues. Don’t be constricted to one piece of furniture though, ombre can be used with furniture in a room in different hues of the same shade. That cobalt, inky colour sits nicely with the ceramic décor and also makes a stunning feature wall.

Blue ceiling light 3D Blue Tiles Geometric blue wall art

3.    Grid structures

Inspired by the ever-growing sense that our lives are documented, regulated and under surveillance, this colour theme is structured but energetic. Synthetic, linear and grid-like shapes, often in bright statement colours such as electric blues, orange and high gloss can bring order to an otherwise softer room. The materials tend to have a man-made quality, which adds to the documented theme. These structures add a fresh vitality to a room that can certainly pack a colourful punch.

Geometric light Grid light structure Grid lighting

Well we’re going to be busy in our homes for a while. If you can’t wait for Clerkenwell Design Week next year, visit our Pinterest for more inspiration on trends you can incorporate into your home right now.

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