Light them up

Lighting is such an integral part of interior design. The right lighting can create ambiance and set the tone for the room. Whether it’s the gothic drama of a chandelier, or the soft dim glow of a candle, it all adds to the mood. In this blog, we take a look at a few of our favourite lighting options that enhance the home.

Lights Them Up  Lights Them Up

Wall washers can create a soothing atmosphere for any home and create an intimate mood. They are one of the most versatile lighting options as there are many styles available – make them a statement by painting them in accent colours, or conceal them within your space by using the same paint hue as your walls. Whichever you choose, they will bring a soft glow to your home – perfect for total relaxation.

Lights Them Up  Lights Them Up

Current trends put pendant lamps in an industrial space. They can be seen in a variety of finishes and are often used for adding colour pops to a room. This pendant style can act more like a spotlight and is useful for creating a focus point out of a coffee table or rug. However, because it casts a dimmer glow, you might need additional lighting around the room in the form of coordinating lamps. Although they do tend to sway towards the industrial look and feel, depending on the finish and colour, they are also versatile enough to fit into Mid-century, country and monochrome schemes.

Lights Them Up  Lights Them Up

The lighting source most popular for setting the tone is candles. They cast a beautifully delicate light around the room, which instantly composes and calms. As they come in such a variety of sizes, shapes and colours you can create visually impressive candle displays, by mixing and matching short and tall, thick and thin to create a centre piece for your coffee table or mantel. Maximise your candle light by placing them on a silver tray, which will reflect the flames and choose scented candles to fill your room with wonderful aromas.

Lights Them Up  Lights Them Up

These light options aren’t mutually exclusive and you can certainly use as many or as few as you wish to achieve your desired living environment.

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