Looking to the Year Ahead

2015 looks to be filled with vibrance and beauty. With Pantone releasing their colour of the year, Marsala, we take a look at the four main aesthetic trends that will be landing in the new year – Flora, Mood, Blend and Unite. From furniture to fashion, we’ll see these trends creeping in, and we’re pretty excited about them.


Picture the first flourishes of spring – shoots breaking through soil with the promise of new life, among the decayed mosses and leaves of winter, this is the background colour palette for Flora. Tranquil shades of green such as lichen, laurel and ivy feature heavily, against brown tones like clay and silt. Flora has subtle Asian influences with textures such as ceramic glazes and the intricate details of seeds and spices, akin to those used by Chinese herbalists. There is a true organic feel to this trend, punctuated with a vibrant red tone to complete the overall aesthetic. So don’t be afraid to experiment with brighter colours against more neutral tones within your home.

Trends Blog Flora FashionTrends Blog Flora Feathers


There is a dreamy ethereal quality to Mood. Inspired by sights such as the first light of dawn, and the soft focus of an angel’s halo, this colour trend encompasses a variety of pastel shades of pinks, yellows, greens and blues, balanced by darker grey and charcoal tones. The colour contrast within the trend prevents it from becoming too feminine or masculine, while the pearlescent and holographic surfaces make it feel other-wordly. In your home, mix pastel shades with metallic or geometric touches and you’ll be bang on trend.

Trends Blog Mood SkyTrends Blog Mood Metallic


A vibrant and punchy colour palette of violet, navy, fuchsia and spring green, make up the base tones of Blend. Paler beige and cream prevent it from becoming too overpowering but still feel energetic. Blend is highly decorative, making the most of beaded details and embroidery and with this trend, pattern is almost as important as colour. Bold, exuberant prints featuring foliage, flowers, exotic fruits and beetle wings will breathe life into homes through feature walls or with finishing touches such as statement cushions or pictures.

Trends Blog Blend LeavesTrends Blog Blend Berries


Due to the textures and tones of this trend, Unite lends itself more heavily to kitchens and table tops, however, this won’t stop us from making the most of this texturally rich trend. The colours that feature are meant to evoke a sense of comfort and familiarity – warm caramels, opulent reds and refined neutral tones. Textures keep a luxe look front of mind; matt metallic finishes are broken up with modern sheen surfaces. Place metallic objects, such as candlesticks, on polished wood mantels or shelving to perfectly capture the spirit of this trend – to simply make you feel at home.

Trends Blog Unite LightsTrends Blog Unite Cutlery

To inspire you we’ve put together Pinterest boards for each of the four trends – Flora, Mood, Blend and Unite.

Image Credits: cocokelly.com, turbotwister.ru, bloglovin.com, leftbankart.com, bloglovin.com, moonbrains.tumblr.com, christi-kraft.artistwebsites.com, burnettsboards.com, oncewed.com, anartistsgardenz.blogspot.com

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