Love your leather

The feel of leather is one of life’s little pleasures, so you should look after it. And in return, you’ll be rewarded by many years of incredible looking furniture.

General care

There are several ways to nurture your leather. Try to dust it once a week with a soft-bristled brush followed by a wipe with a damp (but not wet) cloth. Make sure it is only damp with water, as the use of any solvents or cleaning agents may damage it. Giving your leather this little bit of TLC once a week can significantly increase its life expectancy. You can also clean semi-aniline leather by wiping over every three months with a lukewarm solution of pure soaping agent. But don’t over-wet it.

Oh no, I’ve spilled something

In the event of a spillage follow these quick-action steps to reduce the chance of permanent staining:

1. Don’t panic!
2. Remove as much of the excess as possible with a spoon or blunt knife.
3. Work towards the middle of the spillage to prevent spreading the stain.
4. Soak up liquids with a clean cloth, towel or kitchen roll by dabbing – do not rub!
5. Dab, dab and dab again using a damp cloth (not wet) with warm, clean water.

What not to do

Like a fine wine, leather ages well – if you look after it. There are some things you should try to avoid to make your leather last longer.

• Avoid sitting on the upholstery with heavily soiled or non-colourfast clothes. And make sure you leave that broadsheet on the coffee table  – the ink can stain.

• Don’t perch. Arms aren’t designed for sitting on, so try to avoid this to prevent damaging the fillings, padding and leather. And we know children love to jump on sofas – this should be prevented as it can damage the cushion covers and seat platforms.

• Take extra care with sharp edged toys, buckles, jewellery and jeans with studs on, so as not to cause damage to your sofa.

• Just like some clothes, your sofa could have a loose thread when new. This is not a problem but make sure you trim off any loose threads with sharp scissors, as pulling a thread could leave a hole.

• Direct sunlight is leather’s worst enemy; protect it by drawing the curtains and blinds where possible to prevent it from fading.

• Too much heat isn’t good for leather either – try not to place your sofa or chair directly in front of a radiator or air conditioning unit, as this can damage the leather.

• Try to keep pets off furniture where possible to avoid scratches and marks.

Follow these simple steps to live happily leather after.

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