Making the most of your space

We all want to make the most of the space we have at home, especially in the living room. Often it’s a lack of space that conjures up problems, but large or unusually shaped rooms present their own challenges. Your living area is often a multi-purpose space used by different people for lots of different things; you put your feet up in this room after a long day and entertain guests in it at the weekend. We’ve pulled together our top tips for making your living space (big or small) comfortable and balanced so it works for you.

If you have a small space

Go Compact

A simple solution is to opt for smaller sized furniture to ensure each piece has breathing space and you don’t overcrowd the room. Our Sixty Three range is nice and compact, and at 144cm long the small sofa is the perfect 2 seater for a small flat or house. With the option of a matching or contrasting seat cushion and buttons, you can tailor this piece to suit your style and effortlessly enhance your interior space.

Sixty Three Small Sofa Space Blog

Chaise Style

That said, a smaller room doesn’t necessarily have to hold only small furniture. Sometimes incorporating a larger sectional piece or corner/chaise sofa can actually be more effective than a combination of smaller pieces for saving space. Check out the Sixty Seven Chaise Sofa, which offers the very best of vintage style and functionality and offers the ultimate in comfort for those who enjoy putting their feet up! We like the chaise piece as it brings with it the benefits of a corner sofa but takes up less space and looks less dominating in a little room. With an option for a left or right hand facing chaise, a choice of 29 fabrics and three show wood options you really can personalise this piece to work with your room.

Chaise Sofa Space Home Blog

The Snuggler

An accent armchair can be the perfect accompaniment to a sofa to give you that all important extra seat! However, if you’re still trying to squeeze everybody in, look no further than the Sixty Seven Snuggler which has room for two! It’s a super comfy option and looks fabulous in Marl Grey fabric.

Snuggler Armchair Interiors Blog

Mirror, Mirror

Incorporating reflective surfaces will instantly make a room feel larger than it really is. Mirrors are an obvious choice, but also consider glass tables, glass lighting or hanging glass in art.

Table Glass Space Blog

Let in Light

When hanging curtains, think about how they will fall when they’re open to maximise the amount of light coming in and show off the glass pane of the window. Hanging curtains from the ceiling rather than the top of the window will let in more light and also add a little drama. Light colours will also help to create the illusion of space by making the room feel airy and bright. A white wall or curtains will do the trick!

Sixty Three Sofa Compact Furniture Blog

Go Mono

Monochromatic colour schemes also work well in small spaces, because the eye can move through the space uninterrupted. Black and white is clean and classic and will help to create a calming and tranquil space.

Monochrome Interiors Blog

If you have a large space

Extra space can be a blessing, but not if you’re unsure what to do with it. Maybe you’ve upsized from a small flat and your furniture looks teeny tiny in the new larger rooms. Maybe the features in your property are proving problematic, for example a large open fireplace or high ceilings. Perhaps it’s the shape of your room (long and slim, or maybe an awkward alcove) that’s got you stumped as to how best arrange your furniture and still create a warm, inviting space. Don’t despair, we’ve got some helpful tips for you too!

Cosy Corner

A corner sofa is a great seating option for large, modern spaces and offers a welcoming and sociable solution for hosting family and friends.  We’ve recently launched the Fifty Nine Corner Sofa, available in both fabric and leather. Perfect for lying out on for a lazy Sunday, or squeezing friends and family on for a movie night.

Fifty Nine Corner Sofa Space Blog

The Sixty Seven Corner is also new to the G Plan Vintage range and is available exclusively at John Lewis. You could use a corner sofa like this one as a room divider to section off areas in a room or to create a cosy lounging space in a living/dining space.

Corner Sofa Home Interiors Blog

Do Dark

Dark colours are on-trend this summer and can be stunning when used on walls, floors and furniture. Hues of forest green, midnight blue and deep charcoal work particularly well in large spaces and can transform a space into something sophisticated and intimate. Two-tone walls can really help to break up the space and trick the eye into thinking the ceilings are lower.

Fifty Nine Corner Space Home Blog

Think Vertically

If you have high ceilings you’ll need to fill vertical space too. Bare walls will make the room seem empty and cold so fill them with photographs or artwork to add interest. Think about the vertical space that you have and make the most of it. Bookshelves can make a beautiful feature in your room and tall potted plants can liven up a lonely corner.

Fifty Five Sofa Midcentury Home

The Art of Division

In a really large space, try sectioning the room off into separate areas. Creating a second seating area can be hugely practical in a grand room and will ensure that both spaces have a warm and cosy feel.  A reading corner also makes a nice feature in a large lounge area, simply add a statement armchair and a stack of your favourite books. We love the Fifty Five Armchair or if you want to make a bold style statement opt for the Sixty Two Armchair – a perfect option for an afternoon snooze. Include a footstool for ultimate comfort and to fill the space.

Sixty Two Armchair Statement Interiors

It’s all about getting the most out of the space you have. Whether you think you have too much or too little, there’s always something that can be done to make the space work more effectively be it a new piece of furniture, a change of colour scheme or a simple re-organisation.

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