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Bringing greenery inside the home is without a doubt one of the most popular interior trends we’ve seen this year – and with good reason. Rich green tones can be introduced to your space through a variety of elements including beautiful botanical prints, statement furniture and an abundance of leafy plants; this trend is all about injecting life and natural beauty. Read on for our favourite ways to invite the outside, inside…

Outside Inside Blog Pot Plants

Every Shade of Green

Exploring colour palettes is a good place to start. To really embrace the Outside Inside trend, focus on the colour green. Green is cheerful and versatile, and there is a huge spectrum of shades to choose from. You could make a statement with a bold and bright tropical vibe, or layer up subtle tones to create a calm oasis. We like Marl Green, Bobble Moss, and Matt Velvet Cactus fabrics from the G Plan Vintage range.

Sixty Three Sofa Matt Velvet Cactus

Natural neutrals are easy to work with and will provide a blank canvas for building up colour. We’d go for Tonic Cream, Brush Pewter and Matt Velvet Mink fabrics on a bigger piece of furniture like a large or corner sofa.

The Indoor Jungle

Creating an indoor jungle inside your home is a perfect way to celebrate this summer trend. Invite the natural textures of large leafy foliage in to your space to create focal points around the room and bring in life.

Outside Inside Blog Cacti

We love the addition of small glass domes and terrariums, which can be filled with soil, stones and shapely succulents. For plants that require minimum maintenance, look to succulents such as Aloe Vera or cacti, which can survive with little soil and water. For a real statement, try creating a vertical garden or living green wall and literally bring your garden into your home!

Outside Inside Blog Green

Natural Textures

This trend would not be complete without the addition of natural materials and textures. Alongside plants and flowers, introduce wood, cork and stone into your space. Try a sofa or chair with beautiful show wood detailing like the G Plan Vintage Fifty Five Armchair with elegant arms and sleek turned legs, or The Fifty Nine which features wooden picture frame side panels. For added texture, layer fur and fabric throws over your furniture to bring depth and warmth to your interior.

Fifty Nine Sofa Marl Green

Minimalist Monochrome

Give your greens maximum impact by pairing them with a minimalist palette of monochrome. Bright white walls will help reflect light around the space, blurring the line between the inside and the outside – a key to making this trend work. Be brave and use bold geometric patterns to add a modern aesthetic to your interior with accessories like throws, cushions and rugs.

Outside Inside Blog Trend

Botanical Prints

Incorporating botanical prints is another great way to bring nature into your space., whether you choose artistic illustrations for your walls or graphic fabric designs on your soft furnishings. Discover a variety of shapes and patterns from delicate garden flowers to bold tropical palms. If you’re feeling creative, you could create your own bespoke display with the forgotten art of flower pressing.

Outside Inside Trend Botanicals

So if you’re looking to brighten up your interior this year, you only have to look to the outside for inspiration. For more ideas on how to incorporate the beautiful colours and textures of nature, head to our Pinterest and explore guest pinner Corey Hemingway’s board on ‘Outside Inside’.

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