Sofas and pets are a tricky combination. Although many of us try to restrict where our faithful friends can curl up in order to protect our furniture, most of us will invite them onto the sofa every now and then for a cuddle! Buying a new sofa is an investment and there are some big decisions to be made, especially when you share your home with pets. Whilst no material can completely withstand the wear and tear pets will inevitably bring, some will make a better choice than others. We’ve put together some top tips for you to bear in mind to help keep your sofa looking better for longer.

Use your pets as colour inspiration

It is important to consider how your pet’s fur will show up on your sofa cover. Using your cat or dog as inspiration and choosing a similar colour to their coat will reduce the appearance of their fur on your furniture. For pets with a black or brown coat, shades of charcoal, smoke and aubergine will work well, but avoid these colours if your animals have lighter coloured hair which will stand out on a darker background. Keeping your pets well groomed will also help to keep your furniture in good condition whilst allowing your pets to roam freely around the house.

Opt for bright and colourful fabrics

Patterned and textured fabrics will do a good job of hiding imperfections, so are a good choice for animal lovers. Busy fabrics are more forgiving to stains and the more frequent cleaning and vacuuming that is required when our furry friends are invited onto the sofa.

Go for a flatter weave

If your pets tend to scratch your furniture, choose a tightly woven material that is less likely to catch on claws. Cats and dogs will always speed up wear and tear on upholstery, but by opting for a flatter fabric, you can reduce the likelihood of them pulling the threads loose.

Choose a dark colour

Dark colours are generally less likely to show marks or stains, therefore are ideal for pet owners. We love the deeper shades in the G Plan Vintage range. Bright colours are also generally more forgiving so opt for a bolder statement with your sofa as opposed to softer pastel shades. Don’t forget you can order free samples on the website, so you can take a closer look in your home.

Consider leather

For some pets, a leather sofa would be the best choice. In general, leather is more durable and it won’t hold smells. It’s also easy to wipe clean if your pet often gets muddy in the garden or isn’t quite house trained yet! Although a leather sofa is easier to clean than a fabric sofa, it’s not good if your pets like to scratch or bite your furniture as it’s easily marked and tears are difficult to repair.

Provide an alternative

Treating your pet to an exciting new bed or dedicating a cosy corner of your living room for their blankets and toys might entice them away from your furniture. Alternatively you could use a carefully placed throw over your sofa, to give an extra layer of protection.

Look after your Sofa

There are several things you can do to keep your sofa looking in top shape. If you allow dust and dirt to accumulate, it can dull colours and speed up wear so be sure to lightly brush or vacuum your sofas on a weekly basis. Regular dressing is recommended, especially if your furry friend has a favourite armchair or spot on the couch. Cushions and fibre backs should be plumped up regularly to stop them from creasing and flattening. For more information and specific advice on how to care for your sofa, see the Owner’s Guide.
There’s no reason the whole family can’t be comfy on your G Plan sofa, but if you do share your home with pets, we would always recommend; doing your research before buying your sofa, careful consideration of cover and of course extra effort when it comes to cleaning and caring for your sofa in the long run.

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