Summer Styling 2017: Marble

A misconception is that marble makes a room feel cold and it can only to be used in large spaces. However, this is not the case. Naturally occurring patterns make it a graphically stunning feature and it is now used for counter surfaces, tableware and even wallpaper. With so many variations marble can be used in any style and size of a home.

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Gentle and less aggressive natural marble tones look great when contrasted with colourful finishes helping to create an urban feel, whilst adding warmth and personality to your home. When paired with the right colours, such as light pastels, the room will appear open and more spacious and at the same time, bringing the illusion of light into dark spaces.

Bold Marble Blog Choices Marble Blog

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For the bolder interior style choice, coloured marble is also a popular option amongst interior designers, due to its dramatic nature. It will create a sense of personality and character within your home. Furniture and accessories in strong colours such as dark greens and navy, will focus the attention and therefore, help bigger rooms feel smaller and cosier.

Copper Accessories Marble Blog

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Copper accessories will create clean sleek design whilst adding to the feeling of grandeur. Copper is a great complimentary material to use alongside a marble backdrop, as it helps to accentuate the natural patterns within the marble. This can work in any room from towel rails and shower heads to candles and lamps. This is an interior style that is applicable to almost any room in your home.

Splash Board Marble Blog

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If you don’t feel confident just yet to dedicate a whole wall to marble but like the trend, then consider adding a few accents to your interior. Within the kitchen, a splash board is a great place to feature marble to create attention. In the bedroom, a neutral marble tone wallpaper would look great as a feature wall.

Marble is a trend that is set to continue in 2017 and is now seen as a must have in contemporary design. If you are in need of more design inspiration pay a visit to our Summer Styling Pinterest board and find the perfect way to incorporate marble into your home!

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