Sunset Shades

The world around us can be a beautiful place – mist rising from a lake at dawn, rays of sun through the leafy greens of a forest, and striking skies at sunset. By drawing inspiration from nature’s palettes there are a number of different ways to connect the interior of your home with the exterior, bringing in the life and colour of the outside world.

Sunset Shades Blog Pink Colour

Sunsets offer such a wonderful range of colours that it can be difficult to select one or two when considering how to decorate your living space. Dusky greys work well with rich purples and pale pinks to create a soothing and serene look, and create a feeling of real luxury and calm, particularly when you vary your fabrics and textures.

Sunset Shades Blog Colours Desk

If you’re looking for something a little brighter, mellow oranges and deep yellows complement each other perfectly, and will bring an inviting feel to your living room. Using warm tones for a statement armchair is a great way to introduce colour. Tonic Orange and Bobble Mustard certainly pack a punch, and sit pleasantly within a space with grey on the walls. The yellow of the mustard fabric makes a great centre point for the scheme. Try radiating the colours out from this point by using sunset-coloured paint on your woodwork, or by adorning your seating area with scatters.

A thick shagpile rug in a vibrant orange hue will lift the room, and is perfect for creating a mid-century lounge look and feel. If you want to make a real statement, keep your soft furnishings pale and let the walls be the most expressive factor in the room. A Brush Slate sofa adds a soft sumptuous edge, and works well with bright statement walls and bold scatters.

Sunset Shades Blog Orange Room

Using the sunset as a starting point will help you visualise how you want the colours to appear in your scheme, and plan the mix you want to achieve. Whether it’s a brighter wall with darker touches, or a duskier foundation with statement brights, our Pinterest board will help you achieve the atmosphere you desire for your living space.


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