The art of choosing your sofa colour

Whether you’re after an impressive sofa to create a bold statement in a vibrant living room, or a snug two-seater to blend in, there are a number of factors that you should consider when choosing your sofa colour. To help keep it a simple decision, we’ve pulled some handy tips together for you.

Fabric colours

Do you buy a sofa to match your room, or do you buy a neutral sofa and accessorise around it? And how do you decide between neutral and bright colours? Mustard or orange? Green or charcoal? A great tip is to order some free swatches, which you can do on this page, and we’ll deliver them to you at your home.

_0030_Festival Amber _0038_Fleck Blue _0046_Tonic Orange

Go bold

Abigail Ahern, interior designer and blogger, recently shared a few of her design secrets – and she says to create a truly amazing interior, you need to take risks with colour. The bold, vintage inspired colours of the G Plan Vintage collection will really let your personality shine through and won’t go unnoticed. Contrast piping adds a wow factor, and The Sixty chair uses this exceptionally well, especially in Tonic Mustard. Why not draw some imagination and vintage flair into your room?

Or do you have children and grandchildren that are very fond of crayons, or pets eager to spread their muddy paw prints? Darker colours tend to be better suited to people with pets and children, as markings won’t be quite as noticeable.

G Plan Vintage The Sixty Six small sofa in Tonic Mustard with scattersThe Sixty Six in Tonic Mustard

Go neutral

Bold colours aren’t for everyone, and it’s important not to feel pigeon holed when choosing your sofa colour – as Fiona Barratt, interior designer, said: “A successful interior should enhance, not dictate the way you live”.

There is nothing boring about neutral colours – they’re liberating and can help make a room feel larger especially if you live in a small apartment. With the G Plan Vintage collection, each sofa and armchair has such distinctive style and character that they’ll always bring personality to your room. See the range here.

Many designers use neutral colours to great effect by contrasting them with vivid wall colours. It’s easy and inexpensive to change your wall colour, so if you do want to add colour, you won’t be constrained.

The Sixty Two LeatherThe Sixty Two in Genoa White

For inspiration, take a look at our collection and order some free fabric samples to get your creative flair going.

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